Tougher than Diamonds

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Emuleos believes strongly in this mantra, but not for the reasons that prior generations may have believed. Women throughout history have been many things and filled many roles, meeting the challenge of history, showing themselves to be truly strong.

The Tougher Than Diamonds collection focuses on movement and flow, agitated ruffles of tissue weight, exaggerated flounces leap at the slightest breeze, moving with the wearer to celebrate each body’s complexity.

Every piece delights in intricacy and balance, meant to embolden the wearer by evoking the belief of “can” rather than “can’t”. The collection came from charcoal drawings and are fabricated completely in black and silver, to emphasize both the strength and brilliance of the female spirit.

The fabrics consist of georgette, chiffon, charmeuse, snake vinyl, leather, and faux fur, embellished with lavish rhinestone appliqués and trims. Accessories include blinged out boxing gloves, visors, and ribbon bound hands.

Diamonds demonstrate both strength and beauty day in and day out. In the same way, women need to be both strong and gorgeous. Women of the modern age, need to meet new challenges for a new age, They must be Tougher Than Diamonds.