EmulEos is presenting its top garments from the new made in Italy “Punctured by Nature” collection, inspired by the tapestries of memories abandoned in decaying chateaus and interlocking process of nature’s reclamation of them. “The wilderness finds it’s home”. Punctured by Nature is a sustainable collection produced entirely in Lazio region with a disruptive American design, with 100% recycled materials (such as recycled PU-polyurethane).

We are eco-friendly

We are particularly sensitive to sustainability, as our latest Punctured by Nature collection has been produced using the most eco- friendly fabrics on the market.

We are Made in Italy

We revolutionized our production by choosing to build the Punctured by Nature collection in one of Italy’s finest fashion production centers in Lazio region (in the heart of Italy), because our aim is to provide cut- edge disruptive design blended to Italian’s mesmerizing materials quality and remarkable attention to detail.

Punctured by Nature

Punctured by Nature collection was created on the ideal of personification of nature and sublimation of senses.

Each garment represents a very specific metamorphosis process connecting humans to nature’s most primordial form.

Each model of the Punctured by Nature collection represents the Big Bang of ideas of EmulEos’ visionary Designer Emily Elizabeth, who, thanks to her matchless expressiveness, transformed EmulEos into complex beauty and beautiful complexity.