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Frill Sleeveless Silk Blouse Top in White.

Why we love it: It’s the perfect passpartout white blouse, but with a twist.

Material: 100% Silk

Available and made to measure

Tailored to the moment

Tailored to the moment

Show yourself off in an applause of ruffles and pearls, sink yourself into the soft satin blouse and feel luxurious sustainably! This sleaveless silk satin blouse is the perfect must have piece for every occasion. A V shaped frill of hand made lace on the front and on the back, gives style to this passepartout garment. The high standing collar is coordinated with the same lace. Around the waistline an invisible elastic will define your shape, whilst a soft frill of satin lies on the hips.

Style sizes and fit

Style sizes and fit

Peso 1410.3 g


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