Look 21 – Memoirs of the Vanity


Longuette white georgette silk dress with hand made silk flowers floating in the wide tulle sleeves.

Why We Love It: It is just the most stunning dress…even for a bride!

Materials: 100% Silk, 100% Polyamide, 98% Cotton, 2% Elastam, Lining: 100% Silk.

Available and made to measure

Tailored to the moment

Tailored to the moment

Become the garden and feed your soul with loose flowers in snow globe-like sleeves, twirl endlessly in a full circle skirt trimmed with romantic lace. This is the unique semi long organza and georgette silk dress of the Puntured by Nature Collection. Everyone is kidnapped by the whide tulle sleeves with hand made silk flowers floating in them.

Style sizes and fit

Style sizes and fit

Peso 360 g


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