Emuleos Fashion show at Phygital Sustainability Expo in Rome

EmulEos’ fashion show at Phygital Sustainability EXPO in Rome

Emuleos has embraced the circular economy and experienced the glories of ancient Rome.

Last July 5th, 2021 we exhibited to the Phygital Sustainability EXPO in Rome and presented our Punctured by Nature creations at the Trajan’s Market, Museum of the Imperial Forum.

An extraordinary archaeological site, where the ancient Romans spent their time and did their business.

Yes, Memoirs of the Chandelier dress  was selected as the most iconic and representative piece of our sustainable collection to parade on a wonderful thousand-year-old catwalk. On the ancient vestiges illuminated by the magical light of the Roman sunset!

During the iconic fashion show, a narrative voice in the background was describing the innovation of the garment on the millennial catwalk.

Thousand of years of history and archaeology surrounded us. We really felt that sustainable fashion can meet innovation and culture there.

Punctured by Nature - Fashion Show

Interview with Emily Elizabeth